Adamov lies in the Drahanska vrchovina hills in a fork of deep and narrow woody valleys of the Svitava river and the Krtinsky potok stream and on the slopes 13 kilometres northward of Brno and 7 kilometres to the south of Blansko, on the railway line Brno - Ceska Trebova. The Moravsky Kras karst surrounds Adamov. Adamov is relatively young industry town fully adherent to the big company Adamovske strojirny. Not only the town itself, but even the upcountry is noted for varied relief attractive especially for recreation, walking and stay in nature on the whole. The Vyskuvka ridge descents to Svitava valley north-eastward of the city, Svitava creates a unique locked meander with a rock race. There is the Alexander outlook-tower for those who would like to take delight by a nice view. Krtinsky stream with Josefofske valley make up the variety of the nearest Adamov’s valley. Josefovske udoli with many typical karsts’ forms (the cave Byci skala, Karst’s walls of Jedovnicky and Krtinsky streams, expressive lime-stone rock points) is also suitable access to Moravian Karst.
Adamov - rhe railway stationAdamov - rhe railway station
Railway station
Adamov -the castleAdamov -the castle